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We Love London - Shuttrspeed

We Love London

By Mads Eneqvist

We love London – A different travel film

As written in this post we were nominated in “Best Documentary” at “London Motor Film Festival“.
Back in the start of December 2014 we woke up very early – actually pretty ill with man flu and that kind of unwanted stuff.
So the first 24 hours was pretty damn hard to cope. But something called Lemsip helped us get though the day and night. Thank you for that.


We did not win the title and that was really not that bad. The other films were pretty good and just being runner up is more than perfect.
So all in all the event was good. Amazing to sit in Clapham Grand and watch “The Gatebil Spirit” on the big screen.

Besides the event Friday night we just did the tourism agenda and watched London from the subway, walkway and highway. London is
a great great city. And with this group of 3 people it can’t get any better. Was lovely.

But that is all history. One more in the big bag of good experiences and still a lot more to come. Next goal is to win that prize.

Thomas /  Niceride Production made this edit over the Christmas holiday. Watch it! That will make us happy.