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Imagine one of the best looking race tracks in the world. A huge crowd of car enthusiasts and some of the craziest car builds. This is some some of the words from the intro speak made by the legendary Bil Balwin. “THE GATEBIL SPIRIT” is the newest video production made by us in close collaboration with Niceride Production and with a lot of help from Mads Ovesen.

We have for sure met some fantastic people and heard some great untold stories and we are thankful for all the participators which have made all this possible.

 “It’s pure anarchyFredric Aasbø

Featured in this film are
  • Fredric Aasbø – Norway – Pro-drifter (Formula Drift)
  • Ken Gushi – United States – Pro-drifter (Formula Drift)
  • Frederik Øksenevad – Norway – Pro-drifter
  • Martin Poorhamidi – Denmark – Pro-drifter – Founder and publisher Boosted Magazine
  • Rod Chong – United States – Creative Director – Speedhunters.com
  • Dino Dalle Carbonara – Japan – Senior Editor – Speedhunters.com
  • David Riiber – Norway – Mechanic and founder of Underground Garage
  • Ove Harlem – Norway – Founder Drift Monkey Clothing and Drift team
  • Bil Baldwin – United States – Intro speak


The gatebil spirit

  • Thomas Sinding (Niceride Production) – Producer, editing, videographer, color correction, color grading
  • Mads Eneqvist (Shuttrspeed) – Producer, assisting editing, videographer, marketing
  • Tejs Poppe (Shuttrspeed) – Videographer
  • Mads Ovesen (Mads Ovesen Photography) Videographer