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Teaser for "The Gatebil Spirit"

Teaser – The Gatebil Spirit


This is teaser for our upcoming short film called “The Spirit Of Gatebil”
We have tried to capture all the epicness going on at this major car event at Rudskogen, Norway.
The full film will feature, what we see as “The Gatebil Spirit” including interviews with:

  • Fredric Aasbo
  • David Riiber
  • Rod Chong
  • Fredric Øksnevad
  • Ken Gushi
  • Ove Harlem
  • Dino Cabonare
  • Martin Poorhamidi


This project is collaboration between Niceride Production & Shuttrspeed with additional photage from M. Ovensen Photograhy 

Mads Eneqvist – shuttrspeed.com
Tejs Poppe – shuttrspeed.com
Thomas Sinding – niceride | production
Mads Ovesen – M. Ovesen Photograhy