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THE SEMA 2013 - Show report - Shuttrspeed

THE SEMA 2013 – Show report

By Tejs Poppe

The Sema Show 2013

This was the first time for me in US&A so already every thing was amazing. California and Las Vegas was really a huge experience.

Except the fact that we had an unwanted present in San Fransisco where Mads lost all his gear from our car in front of a Best Buy. Pretty damn fucked up.
Sadly Mads went home but I had to move on with the other guys that attended the trip. Check out our Instagram Hashtag #getawayintheusa2013 


Shit just got serious.
This show was on my bucket list and with that done I can only say that it wasn’t the last time I sat my feet at the SEMA show.
Pictures says it all and we didn’t have time to see all the cars at the show.
But lots of Rocket Bunny kits, slammed cars with big rims.

I think the whole purpose of Sema Show in Las Vegas is to show off. That is what Vegas is all about.
That’s from every little company that makes small bits and pierces to large companies with lots to show.

The weather in Las Vegas is always something to enjoy even tough it’s in November.


Better late than newer.