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The guys behind Shuttrspeed

About Us

Tejs Poppe

Tejs Poppe
Copenhagen, Denmark
Why do you do this?
Why say no getting close to race cars?
The most awesome experience?
Riding shotgun with the 2013 Danish Champion, Jimmi Hansen
AND then his car broke down before Drift Allstars finals at Poznan - Poland.
One hour later the car was fitted with a new gearbox and ready to go thanks to a great crew and fellow racers.
Renault Clio '14 dCi 75hk. Slow? indeed!
Your Motto
Go go go!

Some Trivia

Tejs is responsible for Mads.
Path finder, responsible for everyone gets food, keeping track of correct sleep pattern ect. ect.
His is also the technical "guru" and handyman. Which can be very practical.
Sometimes makes new post on facebook and website.

2015 goal is to make the sound track for videos. Doing cool stuff with microphones.

Personal website

According to Mads
I'm a heavy sleeper.

Mads Eneqvist

Mads Eneqvist
Copenhagen, Denmark
Why do you do this?
Because sitting behind a desk all day makes me sad.
The most awesome experience?
When we saw "The Gatebil Spirit"on the big screen at London Motor Film Festival.
Yes, a Golf Mk4 R32
Your Motto
If you can dream it, you can do it!

Even more trivia

Mads is responsible for marketing what ever that means.
Head of photography - again what ever that means.
Trying to keep things together and sometimes update Facebook page and this website.

Beside shooting motor sport and cars that don't drive in a straight line,
Mads does Weddings, business portraits, food-tography and everything in between.

Wedding Photos

Business Website

According to Tejs:
Always trying to go in a straight line

Why Shuttrspeed?

The simple answers is really, why not?
It's rememberable - and it's related to both motor sports and photography. 
The logo is either used in full form as in "SHUTTRSPEED" or with the two "SS" inside a round circle. 

Photography brought us together

It all started back in the last century when Tejs requested some photos to be made of an old Ford Escord.
They met up and quickly they found out that they had a mutual interest for being creative and have fun. Both had, and still got, a huge
interest in cars, motor sport and action.

For many years they did a lot of trial and error, learned what worked and what did not.
Back in 2009 they visited Pripyat and Chernobyl which was a huge epic experience for both.
You should take a look and read about the Chernobyl disaster


We've have been almost around the world aiming to take our journey to the next level always trying to improve our photo skills



Epic caption from Sturup Raceway. How is this stuff working mate?
Epic caption from Sturup Raceway. How is this stuff working mate? Photo Credits: smilebitch.dk